Our homemade meat products

Dear guests,
You can buy our homemade meat products every day, in Vošteni.
On Fridays we deliver your telephone order to your home!


Pancetta (bacon)
Istrian dry sausages
Istrian sausages half-dried
Dried pork loin
Istrian prosciutto - sliced
Istrian prosciutto - in a piece
Istrian prosciutto - whole

For orders less than 300,00 kn delivery costs are 30,00 kn.
Above 300,00 kn delivery free of charge.


We take orders before Fridays, as orders are home delivered to the County of Istria on Fridays.

For placing your order please call: 099 - 21 36 067

Take care and eat healthy!


The Vošten family produce the traditional meat products: Istrian Pršut (prosciutto), sausages, ombolo (pork loin) and bacon.
The products have received many awards by professionals for their quality.

  • tomazova-konoba_vosteni_prosciutto_005.jpg

  • tomazova-konoba_vosteni_prosciutto-003.jpg

    Patiently waiting to dry ...

  • tomazova-konoba_vosteni_prosciutto_001.jpg

    Slicing the prosciutto

  • tomazova-konoba_vosteni_prosciutto_002.jpg

    Enjoy ...!

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Pršutarna Tomaso

Miro Vošten: The prosciutto whisperer

Tomažova: the tavern, apartment & homemade meat products









Forty years of tradition