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About our meat products

Tomaso prosciutto was created on the basis of tradition and professional development.
Our homemade meat products are processed in our prosciutto factory.


All products are hand-processed and smoke-free, preserved exclusively with sea salt and pepper without the addition of flavor enhancers and artificial spices.
Production is limited to better monitor product quality.

Our products have received many awards by professionals for their quality.

Istrian prosciutto (pršut) - whole, in a piece or sliced

Istrian prosciutto(Croatian: Istarski pršut) is a dry-cured meat product from pork leg, without feet, skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue, with the pelvic bone.
Dry-cured with sea salt and spices, air-dried and smoke-free, subjected to drying and maturing processes for at least 18 months.

Istrian dried pork loin (ombolo)

Pork loin (ombolo or žlomprt), semi-dry or dry - made from boneless pork loin. The meat is fat-free preserved with a mixture of sea salt, pepper, bay leaf and rosemary.

Istrian dried sausages (kobasice)

Istrian sausages with a high proportion of meat and less fat.
The mixture added to the meat contains: sea salt, pepper, bay leaf, garlic, rosemary and wine.

Istrian pancetta

Istrian pancetta (Istrian streaky bacon) a durable cured meat product produced from the belly of the pork.
It is dried for a minimum of three months in smoke-free air. Preserved with sea salt, pepper, bay leaves, garlic and rosemary.

Istrian dry cured pork collar (vratina)

Istrian dry cured pork collar


Fifty years of tradition